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Mayor Balen’s move to end anomalies in educational field

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Mayor Balen’s move to end anomalies in educational field

After being elected as the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, among the many things mayor Balendra Sah (Balen) has done, the steps related to education are highly commendable. For this, he has tried to execute Institutional School Standard and Operation Guidelines 2069, Kathmandu Metropolitan City School Education Management Regulations 2074, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Act 2075, and Education Act 2028.
Regarding the execution of existing education laws, mayor Balen first attempted to implement institutional school standards and operating guidelines. As a result, the long-standing practice of schools selling notebooks along with books and purchasing uniforms from designated places for students and parents has been broken. Similarly, the metropolis is showing interest in the scholarships awarded by private schools as mentioned in Rules 58 and 59 of the School Education Management Regulations, and Section 50 of the KMC Education Act states that schools should provide scholarships to different students without reducing the total number of students by at least 10% and schools have been directed to follow the rules of 100% and 50% fee waiver for the first and second students in each class, respectively. However, nearly 70 percent of the metropolitan schools could not submit the required information. In response, KMC has acted by publishing the names of schools that do not follow the scholarship rules.

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