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Friday’s Regular Club Activities


Friday’s Regular Club Activities

As tomorrow is Friday and is a special day for our club activities, students pertaining to each society (club) are encouraged to attend their regular club activities as it is scheduled in their regular college routine (10: 00 AM).

As all students know, we have formed 6 students’ societies as per the following under the banner of LBU City Campus Students Society for Law and Tourism (SSLLT)

1. Language, Art, Culture & Literary Society (LACL); 2. Society for Sport Activities (SPA); 3. Society for Legal & Civic Issues (LCI); 4. Society for Moot-Court Activities (MCA); 5. Society for Tourism Activities (STA); and 6. Society for Research Work (SRW).

The leaders of each club are encouraged to note down the decisions of each meeting and report to the Campus Administration.

These clubs are the students’ forums on which they can explore their inner talents and build their personality gradually. So, campus administration encourages each student to join the club of their interest and utilize these forums for their own enhancement.

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